How to double your staff and keep your culture

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How to double your staff and keep your culture

If you’re ready to scale up, you’ve already proven your ability to succeed. But keeping your office culture alive as you double, or even triple, in size is a massive challenge.

Our research suggests that workers are placing increasing importance on business culture. For example, if offered two equal jobs, 43% would go for the more charitable company, while 93% would choose the firm that offered flexible working. With this drive towards a supportive and dynamic culture, we’ve listed some tips on how to build it into your growing company.

Define your culture
Seek input on your company values from the employees – what about the company made them join, and what makes them stay? By encouraging conversations around culture, they’ll take more responsibility for promoting it. Keep your chosen values visible on the wall, on a screensaver, or on post-its. Refer to them in updates to keep them present in day-to-day business.

Focus on fit
As a company grows, its leaders play a smaller role in recruitment. To make sure hires continue to embody the right values, create a set of specific questions to assess cultural fit in interviews: What does good feedback look like to you? How does your current boss feel about you leaving? How do you deal with confrontation?

Design your space
“The office environment directly impacts how your staff work and interact. It’s improved by location – flexible co-working set-ups empower employees to choose their commute and spend more time with family – and design (natural light boosts productivity, while poor air quality decreases it by 3%).

Give back with perks
Recognizing the contribution of each of your employees is easy when your staff numbers ten people. Keep doing it as you grow – with little perks replacing water cooler chats. Try takeaway discounts or cinema tickets from Perkbox or, even better, ask your employees what they’d most value alongside monetary bonuses.